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RosenClark Contemporary Art Gallery

We provide online rotating "virtual art exhibitions", featuring regional and national artists in the Midwest. In addition, we provide art related programs, lectures, and workshops for schools, art centers, corporations, universities, colleges, community organizations, private events, and individuals.

Our virtual exhibitions highlight contemporary fine artists working in a variety of media. The work is presented along with theme descriptions and a bio of the artists. 

Each art program/workshop, is specially designed to provide a unique and rewarding creativity / art experience. Whether you are looking for an exciting "Team-building" program for your company, or looking to build a better art portfolio for high school or college, we have a workshop for you!

   "You bring to a painting                 your own experience"

             Jacob Lawrence, American Artist

Corporate Creativity Consulting

About our group.
Creative presenters ready to motivate and inspire your workforce.

Batten_01_01_Young Warrior in Repose.jpg
06_A DabitoPlace_9x12_acrylic on paper_S

Creative innovation from a consulting group you can trust.  Let us help you reinvent

a succesful and positive strategy toward boosting your work rate.

Corporate Creativity Consulting
Corporate Creativity Consulting

Connecting to your creativity and how to utilize in the workplace.

Inventing new ideas and strategies

Corporate Creativity Consulting
Corporate Creativity Consulting

Leadership and development training and coaching.

Bringing the team together to promote group innovation.

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