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Pricing for our programs / seminars / workshops​


Pricing for all of our programs, seminars, and workshops will range based on the desired time-frame needed for each individual program as it applies to your company's needs. Whether you have a training session for 2 hours, or, a conference that lasts all day or multiple days, we can create a specialized price package to meet your budget.

Programs / Seminars / Workshops

Our programs range from 2 hours to multiple day.  Depending on the length of each program and how many people will be in attendence, we will create a cost effective proposal for your consideration. Many of our programs include materials provided for each participant to keep and use as part of our hands-on interactive presentations. These materials may include sketchbooks, pencils, canvas, paint, etc., and will be averaged into the total cost of each proposal, based on each clients needs and objectives.

Travel fees

The travel fees for out of town presentations will include air fare, rental car, meals, and hotel.  These fees are in addition to the program fees and will be listed accordingly and applied on a per-needed basis upon the agreement of the client.  (We are based in Michigan, Metro Detroit Area, flying out of Detroit Metro Airport)

Availability and Price Proposals

For availability and price proposals contact Eugene Clark, call or text 313-658-9181,

Make sure to include your name, company name, contact phone and email, along with desired date(s)

and time(s), and desired program(s).

Personalized Program Pricing

Our team members will personalize a program to suit your individual needs.  Personalized programs will require an additional fee, defined in a detailed price proposal, once the client presents the initial concept.


Any of our current programs may be personalized for your corporate needs at no additional fee, or a small fee depending on the extent of the content to be included in the program.

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