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Programs designed to promote innovation, creative thinking, problem solving, & team building

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Online Art workshops on drawing, painting, & character design, for all levels

Creativity Programs Available                     2 hour / one day / several days / on-going


Our programs, seminars, and workshops may range in length from 2 hours to several days. We also offer on-going support that is set-up to meet your company's schedule and time-line.  We bring the workshops to your location, or, we can provide a seminar for your group at a specified,

off-site location.

Drawing a Connection to your creativity  (Creative Thinking, Innovation, Staying on task)   

An innovative program designed to highlight drawing as a way to connect to our creativity.  Introducing the creative techniques of artist and inventor Leonardo DaVinci, this hands-on workshop emphasizes the distinct differences between the left and right brain, and will provide the essential tasks neccesary to help give that right brain (creative side) a chance to "kick in" and take over.  Participants will have a chance to integrate drawing excersizes while following along with the presenter, in a very motivated approach to creative thinking. This program includes a powerpoint and interactive hands-on participation exercises.



Dream Big- Creative Storytelling  (Dream weaving, Visualize, Success)

A dynamic presentation offering participants the opportunity to write

his/her own story with a "Mythic Moment".  Through a unique process of drumming and group guided meditation,

a dream weaving exercise helps each group member to visualize powerful imagery leading to success solutions.

Participation is key in this inspiring program promoting creative thinking while helping to express feelings and concepts within a positive story. Music, drawing, and meditation play a major role in strengthening our ability to form relationships in our business and personal lives.




Painting A Colorful Future  (Motivate, Vision, Team)  

Painting workshops that encourage team building to the core.

An instructor led painting experience gives all participants a chance to paint a masterpiece regardless of experience.  Your company selects the image to be painted allowing a motivational message to be integrated into the instruction.  Group members are encouraged to apply their own unique vision toward mark making, expression, color mixing, and design.  This program is action packed with participation, team building, and individual artistic inclusion.  All materials are provided.




Collage Your World  (Mind mapping, Goals)  

This multi-media program integrates a fascinating look at collaging your world and mapping out goals.  Through the use of a variety of media including crayon, paper, photos, pencil, marker, and colored pencils, participants will create a collage while following a provided message or theme related to your company's team building objectives. The tradition of collage becomes very symbolic as participants develop creative ways of combining line, composition, design, and color in a textural manner.





Our Inner Portrait (Creativity, Introspection, Potential)  

We supply a model, easels, charcoal, paper, and instruction.  The portrait provides a landscape of posibilities for each participant as they experiment and interprete this time honored subject.  One cannot escape the introspective aspect of this experience allowing each group member a chance to dive into their inner creative journey that has led them to this exact moment.  How can we see more potential within ourselves, as this exciting and equally challenging process unfolds. 






The Anatomy Of An Idea (Process, Innovation, Ideas)

Investigating ideas is the best way to find new, innovative ways of thinking. The subject of anatomy is used to do just that. A step-by-step approach to drawing the skeletal structure helps make the connection to the infrastructure of our idea making process.  Where do ideas come from?  How can we capitalize on a creative flow of thoughts leading to more usefull ideas?  This program requires no prior experience, but yet, generates some of the greatest results of any creative workshop.  Participants are amazed at the outcome of their drawings,  as well as their understanding of how to generate the necessary creative impulses set forth in the culmination of ideas.

Leonardo da Vinci: A Life in Art  (Invention & Innovation)

Many historians consider Leonardo Da Vinci the epitome of the Renaissance Man.  From his early years as an apprentice to his incredible paintings of the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper, Leonardo created one astonishing work of art after another. But there was even more to his genius. Discover in this lecture why Da Vinci is one of the most intriguing personalities in the history of Western art. This lecture includes a powerpoint, video, and live drawing demonstration.  This is a great presentation to bridge the gap between art and science, focusing on invention and innovation.

If you do not see a specific theme represented in the above descriptions, contact us and let us know what you are looking for. We will put together a unique, individualized program for your group, pertaining to your specific goals and themes.  Any of the above programs may be personalized with your companies slogan and goal setting initiative.


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