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Mission Statement.


To provide online rotating "virtual art exhibitions", featuring regional artists within the Midwest.  In addition to the exhibitions, workshops, classes, lectures, and presentations are provided for the general public to participate in, expanding arts awareness.





Our goal in providing unique and interesting programs allows individuals a chance to experience and enrich their own art appreciation.



Our Story.

Eugene Clark, lead creative consultant for Rosen Clark, spent 25 years running his own creative arts & events company, Amazing Clark Entertainment, and as an art professor at The College for Creative Studies, Detroit, MI., and as a Special Lecturer at Oakland University, Rochester, MI.  While in Kyoto, Japan, Clark met educator/writer Melissa Rosen, executive director for Rosen Clark, who's background includes creative writing, editing, competitive skating, and theater.  Together they have created a unique and powerful group of creative professionals with diverse backgrounds.  These individuals each present powerful strategies through their own specialized approach to creativity.

Art and Creativity As Necessity.

According to Forbes magazine, spending on corporate training has soared in the last few years.  Accelerated spending in this area has increased by 10% in 2011, 12% in 2012, and 15% in 2013.  This illustrates that, corporations are targeting skills gaps through corporate training, making employee capabilities a priority. Creativity is a priority not only for the corporate world, but for individuals as we navigate through a complex world filled with technology and virtual capabilities.

About us

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